Fourth Cohort Complete Leading Women@Tech Program

The fourth iteration of the Leading Women@Tech program hosted a virtual closing conversation on April 24.

Featuring guest facilitator Lani Peterson and speaker Birgit Burton, the soft closing offered words of encouragement to the fourth cohort in the midst of uncertain times.

Peterson, a psychotherapist, executive coach, and facilitator with expertise in storytelling as a leadership skill, opened the session with an ‘I am, I can, I will’ exercise for participants.

“How has this program influenced your transformation since you began the journey last October,” she asked?

Some of the responses:

‘I am calmer and more creative.’

‘I am more supportive of my team.’

‘I am more proactive and intentional.’

‘I am more resourceful.’

‘I am now more clear about how unfinished I am.’

“The program is designed to create space for women leaders to be deeply self-reflective and courageously share experiences as leaders,” said Pearl Alexander, executive director of diversity, inclusion, and engagement and the program’s director. “These comments are demonstrative of increased in agency and capacity to lead.”

With support from the Office of the President, Institute Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion launched the Leading Women@Tech program in 2016 to facilitate women’s professional development and academic and administrative leadership, and to build a community of leaders across the Institute who will advance a culture of inclusive excellence.

Birgit Burton, executive director of Foundation Relations at Georgia Tech and past Leading Women@Tech program participant, offered words of encouragement and strength after a powerful story about her professional journey at Tech.

“Ladies, you have to remember that she who has knowledge has power,” she told the 20-woman cohort. Never forget these folks [your cohort] and watch yourselves rise. You now join the ranks of a powerful network of women leaders.”

“The insights I have learned in this program have made me more accountable to myself,” said Dominique Ennis, director of operations at Georgia Tech Professional Education and fourth cohort participant. “It has framed the way I not only describe and advocate for myself in all settings but also how I communicate with my staff. The program has truly been a transformative experience.”

The next cohort will experience a revised virtual and truncated program, set to feature women managers at a few different levels. The cohort will also be larger and include up to 30 participants. The curriculum will be streamlined to integrate storytelling, self-efficacy principles, contemplative practices and race dialogue.

The nomination period for the fifth cohort of the Leading Women@Tech program will open in June.

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  • Leading Women@Tech Fourth Cohort Participants

    Leading Women@Tech Fourth Cohort Participants

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