What is the ADVANCE Program?

ADVANCE is dedicated to analyzing and eliminating gender disparities in academia. At Georgia Tech, ADVANCE provides resources to:

  • reduce gender bias within the academic setting;
  • mitigate barriers for academics due to family responsibilities; and
  • increase career advancement opportunities for women in the sciences.

As of 2012, women composed just under 40% of College of Architecture faculty, including four full professors. About 48% of graduate and undergraduate students in the College were female.

There have been huge advancements in gender equality in past decades, particularly at Georgia Tech. However, research here and at other schools show that there are still disparities in promotion and tenure practices, in the proportion of women in full professorships, in allocation of duties, in informal departmental communication and interaction, and in expectations regarding personal or family life. Some of this research is available at:

Other NSF ADVANCE resources include:

If you have any updates or questions about the COA ADVANCE Professor or activities, please contact Angelika Braig.

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