Demystifying Tech: Insights into the President's Office (Archived)

January 28, 2020

Presenter Frank Neville, senior vice president for strategic initiatives and chief of staff, will discuss the new leadership structure, alignment of current roles with Georgia Tech’s overall goals/priorities, and how the Institute plans to manage and execute its outreach. In addition, Neville will focus on emerging trends from the strategic planning efforts and priority areas for the chief of staff and president’s cabinet as well as the Georgia Tech campus community as a whole.

Frank Neville
Senior Vice President for Strategic Initiatives and
Chief of Staff, Office of the President

Frank Neville is senior vice president for Strategic Initiatives and chief of staff at Georgia Tech. In this capacity, he is responsible for crafting overall Institute strategy and overseeing progress toward university strategic goals. Prior to joining Georgia Tech, Neville was chief of staff and vice president of Communications and Marketing at George Mason University, and vice president of Global Communications and Public Affairs at Thunderbird School of Global Management. 

Before his transition to academia, Neville was a career diplomat with the U.S. Department of State. He served in Taipei, Chengdu, Guatemala City, and Beijing. As a diplomat, he appeared on Nightline, The Today Show, 20/20, CNBC, CNN, BBC and many other programs in defense of U.S. policies. In Beijing, he helped design and execute U.S. public affairs strategy during the 2001 EP-3 hostage crisis and led the public defense of U.S. policy toward Iraq in preparation for U.S. military action in 2003. At the time of his resignation, Neville was the most decorated foreign service officer under 40 years of age. He also worked in the Secretary of Defense’s Office of Chinese Affairs and served on a Pearson Fellowship, first with the City of Nogales and then in the Office of the Governor of Arizona, Janet Napolitano.

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